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Lehigh Valley Child Discipline Attorneys

When a child gets in trouble at school, it is in the parent’s best interests to make sure that they know all their options when it comes to handling the situation. A school official or school board must comply with certain policies and procedures, and there are certain choices that parents must be presented with before certain actions, such as expulsions, can be taken. It is critical that you consult with a knowledgeable Wilkes-Barre child discipline lawyer before you accept a school board’s action or suggest any type of remedy.

At Murphy & Murphy, P.C., our lawyers understand all the technical and complicated aspects of education law. They are here to help you navigate the process when your child is facing a disciplinary action. They routinely represent parents who have children who are not disabled as well as children who have disabilities. For more information about our team’s representation or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.

As parents of children with special needs, our attorneys are dedicated to providing legal services for all children, including those with learning disabilities and gifted children. Our lawyers know how to identify and achieve your child’s full education rights.

If a disabled child is being disciplined for any type of behavior or action, it is important to know that there are certain protections that every student with a disability has under the law. Our Lehigh Valley disabled child protection attorneys can make sure that you are aware of these protections, and our team uses them effectively to preserve your child’s rights.

For instance, there is a step that needs to be taken before any child with a disability can be expelled from school. The child is entitled to a manifestation determination to see if the behavior in question was a result of the child’s disability. Our lawyers will critically look at the case to determine if there is a disability that has been missed to see if there is a program for additional help that can be used to remedy the problem without the child having to be expelled. They can also represent your child at an expulsion hearing, including vigorously arguing against an expulsion and exploring alternatives.

When a disciplinary action triggers manifestation, we will look to see if changing programs or the curriculum might provide the needed relief. Sometimes, an improper diagnosis has been made, and an individualized education plan (IEP) must be revised so the child’s needs are met. Our lawyers will also make sure that all protections under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are adhered to.

In addition, our attorneys handle expulsion cases for children who do not have any diagnosed disabilities but who are in danger of being permanently dismissed from school. Our team will look at every facet of the student’s record, behavior and other contributing factors when building a case against the expulsion.

It is important to realize that you and your child have rights in these situations. Our Pennsylvania expulsion lawyers believe in taking the time to get to know your family so that they can help you make informed, individualized decisions. They are also available to help people throughout Pennsylvania who are encountering administrative disciplinary and expulsion actions. Our attorneys will review the documents that you send in and provide guidance.

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Our lawyers are extensively involved in local and national children’s rights organizations and have worked for years in education law. Please contact us online or call 610-863-8502 to discuss the legal and educational needs of your child with an experienced attorney. Our team is also available to comprehensively review the educational needs and services available to your child.