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Scranton Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Attorneys

Education Law Attorneys in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania

Handling Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans

At Murphy & Murphy, P.C., our education law lawyers are skilled at representing parents and children in issues involving special education for disabled children. We help parents understand the rights their children have and help them exercise those rights if the needs of their children are not met. The types of plans develop types of accommodations, goals and means of helping a special needs student reach his or her potential.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), an IEP is a document describing the educational program that will be provided to the disabled child and the services that will be offered by the school. Factors involved with creating an IEP include:

  • Assessment of the child in the areas that are related to the disability
  • Development and detailing of goals and objectives
  • Considerations for how to help the child's learning within the bounds of the disability

At some point, parents may discover that their child's IEP is inadequate whether they have a disability or are part of a gifted program. Parents may also suspect that their child has a disability that needs attention from the school. As parents of children with special needs, our attorneys understand the frustration that accompanies this situation whether your child is disabled or not disabled, but their educational needs are not being met. The Lehigh Valley individualized education plan lawyers at our firm offer guidance and representation to parents who are attempting to change their child's IEP so it more accurately describes the disability, and improves the programs and educational goals the child is attempting to achieve.

504 Plan

A 504 plan refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, which specifies that no one with a disability can be excluded from participating in federally funded programs or activities, including elementary, secondary or post-secondary schooling. Within the context of a 504 plan, the designation of disability can refer to a wide range of physical or mental issues, including:

  • Physical impairments of limbs
  • Illnesses or injuries
  • Communicable diseases
  • Chronic conditions like asthma, allergies and diabetes
  • Learning problems

A 504 plan specifically details the types of modifications and accommodations required for a student in order for them to have an opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. This can include wheelchair ramps, blood sugar monitoring, a tape recorder or private tutoring. Our Lehigh Valley 504 plan law firm can also help you have a 504 plan amended if disciplinary problems arise or expulsion proceedings have been commenced.

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Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you deal with the establishment of an Individualized Education Plan or 504 plan. Our Pennsylvania rehabilitation act lawyers are vigorous advocates for children with special needs and each attorney is dedicated to helping parents ensure their special needs children have the accommodations they require and deserve.


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